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Round Cunt-muncher Booty And Hot Mexican Girl Twat

Rene has one of those round and firm asses that you just long for to grab and hold on to as you’re burring your face in her shaved little cunt and that’s just what the hot Latina 18 year old, Honey, was doing to her girlfriend. These two shaved teen cunt-munchers love eating cunt and it’s no surprise that it shows in our last homemade scene of these two teen pussies. Of course, if you long for to see more of these two lesbo pussies, all you have to do is visit my main amateur site Glass Mannequin – or you can bookmark this page and watch for more real homemade lesbo scene scenes.

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Round Cunt-muncher Booty

I love butts! That’s not a secret – in fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone that knows me knows that I love buts. giant juicy butts, little round butts, firm butts, soft butts and sweet teenager cunt-muncher butts. That’s why when the amateur cunt-muncher models Josie Joe and Lezlie Thomas decided to poke their firm little asses at me I couldn’t help but take a picture. Now – tell me, how many guys get sweethearts like this nekkid on their couch pointing their asses in here air and saying “Take a picture”? And then dwelling many guys get to video the same hot cunt munchers fucking each other?

JosieJoe And LezlieThomas tattooed booty teen amateur gkg lcm shaved pussy brunette gnd

Josie And Lezlie Show Of Their "Tramp Stamps"

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Friday Night On The Prowl

The night started at top-notch TnT’s and was having a decent time despite the fact that one of the bouncers was being a real asshole to everyone (customers and dancers) – somebody need to take the steroids away from that boy! It was exceptional to hear how many of the strippers are contemplating quitting because of one bad apple. Let’s hope they don’t because there are a number of super sexy dancers at TnT’s right now and I still consider it a unmarred place to chill. After getting thoroughly discussed with the arrogant booty that was watching the door, I split (as did 6 other guys). Good news is I still had coin burning a hole in my pocket so I headed over to PT’s Appaloosa to catch their “after hours” show.

One nice thing about after hours is that because they don’t serve alcohol, the entry age drops to 18. Many of my models like to drag along with me to PT’s for the after hours show so they can get a lesbo lap dance or two.

For those that have never been to a strip club in Colorado there are a few things you need to know.
One: if they serve alcohol, they cannot have unclad dances in the bar. Most clubs get around this by having a separate room for the unclad dances where no drinks are allowed. So if you long for a unclad dance and a drink, be sure to check out what the club offers.
Two: Colorado passed a prohibition against smoking indoors a few years back so unless the club was making a certain % off tobacco sales prior to the ban, you are not allowed to smoke in the club. Personally I don’t smoke so I love the fact that I can go out and get some sexy wench to grind on my lap and not go house smelling like a stinking ashtray.
Three: In general you are not allowed to touch the girls – I see mammoth variations of this rule and bottom line – if the teenager don’t long for you touching her – what the fuck are you doing mauling her? Have some class dude!

It was fairly crowded at PT’s on Friday but the cheap fuckers that were there weren’t spending any coin so I ended up with a couple of super unmarred girls to myself. Nina and Nevaeh kept me happy and got my pecker hard on more than one occasion. Tip to the guys – it’s better to go to the club less often and spend a few bones that to go every night and look like some broke kid that has no future.

Anyway, I got a few dances and met a few new girls. Josh was doing the DJ honors so we developed a devious plan to play “Itty Bitty Titties” and “I Like oversized Butts” for one of the girls with a unmarred booty and flawless little cans on the next slow night. Not going to post her name because she reads this blog – LOL

Ran into Russ and Candice, a sexy young amateur couple that does porno for me on so we went to breakfast after the club closed. Got house at 5:45am and had to be up at ten. My blow job still hurts from lack of sleep but I’m headed back tonight to chill a bit before I crash.

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Everybody Loves An Orgy

Now it’s not everyday that I get to film an orgy in my living room – and even more seldom that I get to hand the camera to someone else and jump in to help fuck the sluts but it does happen – and I have the real homemade sex clips to prove it. It was a Saturday afternoon and we were all chillin at the apartment. Matt had been saying that he had what it takes to make a film and the coeds were game so we got the camera’s out, handed the cameras to a few of the coeds that didn’t desire to fuck on camera and we got to fucking.

ButterflyHaze RichardNailder MistySinn amateur teen bbg bgg orgy brunette redhead bfts gnd xxxp sbj lcm shaved pierced

Now – as usual, I’m only going to show a few free smut films this week – then I’ll show the rest in a week or so so be sure to bookmark this page. If you just can’t wait to see who fucks who, or if you desire to see the entire amateur orgy in high-quality film, then you can always check out the entire film at

Matt had a little trouble getting his cock hard. In fact, he even had one of the camera coeds sucking on it and he was still having trouble. It’s prime how many guys ain’t got what it takes to be a smut star – LOL. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good fellatio – and Misty sure as hell knows how to suck a man’s schlong. But watching Butterfly eat Misty’s wet cunt was as much of a turn-on as getting my schlong slobbered on.

Just as I was about to blow my wad in Misty’s warm mouth, I flipped the petite schlong sucker over and slammed my whopping schlong deep inside her slippery wet cunt. I think Matt was still have trouble getting it hard – poor fucker! Let me just say that I had a fucking throbbing hard schlong and I was doing my best to hurt Misty with it.

Now you’ve heard me say it before, Butterfly has more than some sexy butterfly tattoos, she has one of the tightest teenager muffins I’ve ever fucked – But you’ll need to come back next week to see me fuck Butterfly – and see if Matt ever gets it hard. Or you can see the entire amateur smut film here.

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Two Mischievous Carpet-muncher Friends

These two froward amateur cunt-munchers have been friends for a while but they have never been filmed licking cooder before so when the little cunts asked me to shoot them, I jumped at the chance. Honey, the curly haired Latina, was as horny as they get and couldn’t wait to stuff the sex-toy in her girlfriends wet little cunt – and to tell the truth, I was a little excited to see her fucking her girlfriend with the sex-toy. You can see more sex-toy stuffed cunts at Glass Mannequin

HoneyDew ReneKeith lesbian amateur brunette teen gkg lcm booty dildo gnd

See the entire clip now – only at

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Perverted Little Hannah Gets Her Bare Booty Spanked

There are few things funner that whoopin the bare bottom of a horny teen floozy – then fucking her till she creams all over you pecker and then you blow a massive load of hot cum all over her chin. Now that’s what I call a good time. Watching the films of the cute brunette nasty Little Hannah getting spanked gave me a throbbing penis. In fact, it was one of the best  jerk-off films that I’ve ever wanked to. This chick knows how to take a ass whippin but when its her turn to get screwed – he likes it hard and deep. The bigger the pecker and the harder she’s screwed, the happier she gets.

NaughtyLittleHannah spanking teen amateur brunette gnd ass oldny

whoopin naughty Hannah

But back to the booty whoopin.  Hannah loves to get naughty and show her booty – but you don’t get to see Hannah’s twat unless you punish her little booty first. Then she likes her tight teen twat pounded with a massive hard pecker. And this little tramp isn’t afraid   to tell you to fuck her harder either – see it all on Glass Mannequin

. Nasty Hannah's Wet Teen Pussy

naughty Hannah’s Wet teen twat

Sweet shaved teen twat – that’s the best part of this shoot, As soon as this guy spread Hannah’s booty cheeks and I got a glimpse of her wet little cunt, I had wood. And at 43 minutes, Hannah’s naughty spank and fuck shoot is worth the price of the membership at Glass Mannequin – add to that the fact that you get over 25,000 photograph and dozens of hardcore, cunt-muncher and sex vibrator films of Hannah and her friends that can’t be seen anywhere else on the internet. It gets even better because in addition to your Glass Mannequin membership, you get full membership to Real Colorado girls and  Bring Me Your Sister too.

Spanking Hannah's Ass

whoopin Hannah’s booty

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Who Wants To See Me Disrobed?

My name is Jayda and Yes – I do porn………..   but to see me nekkid, you need to click on the pic and enjoy the free tour at Glass Mannequin -where you will find plenty of undressed movies and pictures of this hot Mexican Girl coeds. In fact, there are a lot more than just undressed pictures – there are a few real hot lesbo movies where this 18 year old cutie is munching the shaved honey pots of her teen friends. We also have a few real hot masturbation movies were Jayda stuffs various sex toys deep in her petite teen cooch. Jayda also had a flawless booty – firm enough to bounce a quarter off of and so tight that all you will be able to think about is stuffing you meat deep in her cute little booty hole.

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