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Homemade Shoot Of My Neighbors Daughters

I live is a decent neighborhood – nice family values and everything – but what my neighbors don’t know is I pay their daughters to come to my flat so I can make real homemade sex clips of them. This time, Thena and Jayda stopped by to play in my yard and since I was horny, and they need a few measly money – I got them to fuck each other while I filmed it.

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I have this totally cool Indian tipi in my back yard and all the neighbor coeds lust after to get fucked in the tipi ate least once. Problem is not all of them lust after to fuck an old bastard like me :-( Good news is I can usually get them to fuck each other – and who among us doesn’t love to see two amateur coed neighbor coeds munching each other’s coed muffies?


When I started making these homemade clips, my plan was to keep them for my private collection but after collecting a few hundred clips of the perverted coeds in my town, I decided to share them with you. You get a few short vids for nothing – the good stuff I put in the members area so I can afford to prowl for new sweeties to fuck in front of my camera.


Both of these coeds used to spent a lot of time at my flat playing in the garden with my kids. When my kids turned 18 and moved away, I saw no reason to ban them from my place – in fact, as soon as they turned 18, I got them to pose unclad – then to fuck each other in my special homemade sex shoots.


Jayda is half Latina and had the sexiest round Latina booty that I’ve ever seen. Thena is your typical white-trash skank that will fuck just about anyone that comes by – even the old neighbor guy ;-) ;-) . She especially likes the army boy out at Ft. Carson. She used to sneak away from her boyfriend and bring the army boys to my flat and fuck them here while I peaked through the window.


While I was filming this vid – I was right up next to Jayda’s sweet Latina beaver – so close in fact that I could smell her sweet coed beaver juices. You have no idea how bad I wanted to drop my drawers and slam my throbbing penis deep into her tight little cunt.


Well, at least I captured it on scene so that all of you can enjoy my homemade sex shoots of these coed lesbos. See the entire HQ scene on my website at

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Nobody Throws A Vagina Party Like Papa

Outdoor Party Sex orgy gs booty bnts brunette cm gndWinter’s been fucking my felatio so I dug out a few pics from one of my parties last summer. The lucky fucker in the middle of this mess is Russ – that stupid bastard got more snatch that night then I did – but not by much. The party started good but got better when Anistaija started devouring Candice’s cunt in the hot tub – it didn’t take long for the rest of the girls to jump in and pretty soon, it was a full blown teen sex orgy. Josie’s the floozy in the picture with the kitty tattooed on her back – she’s pretty involved in licking Anistaij’s teen cooder and as memories serves me, Anistaija bragged about how good she licks snatch for weeks after the party. Russ was fingering Candice’s snatch as Candice and Brooke checked out each other’s huge natural tits. Aerynn, Glass Mannequin’s very own “Booty Slut”, is busy finger-fucking Josie. PapaGMP, that’s what the little tramps all call me, is doing his best to keep the camera dry.

We always tell the neighbors when we throw a party to keep harmony in the neighborhood. Luckily, only one of my neighbors can see into the yard – after hearing I was throwing another party, he planned a “poker game” on the same night and invited all of his friends over. Right in the middle of our little outdoor orgy, I look up to see five old men watching our sexual adventures from the comfort of my neighbors back porch. Each one of them with a beer in one hand, and a pair of binoculars in the other. The little sluts that I associate with couldn’t give a flying fuck who watches them having sex so they kept right on fucking – making a truly memorable sex show for my neighbor and his buddies.

Lucky for me, I have plenty of cameras lying around the residence and enough on my teenage friends know how to use them, so we got some pretty good smut pics and some even better amateur smut clips of the orgy. After things cooled down in the hot tub, we all moved inside where two girls were fucking on the kitchen counter. I had to break up a argument between Candice and Anistaija over which couple got the only remaining bedroom – people were fucking all over my residence and I was about to join in! But first, I had to film the hot three-way action going on in the upstairs bedroom. Candice had won the argument and here, Brooke, Candice and Ricky were fucking like sex-crazed maniacs when I walked in. I handed my clip camera to Pete and grabbed the Nikon. Filming a fuck fest is always a fun thing to do.

After it quited down a bit, I grabbed the two remaining 18 year old girls and took them off to my room.

Attending a party at my residence is always a lot of fun – stop by to see just how crazy a bunch of teen girls can get at an old perverts residence.

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Amateur Teenager Fucks Her Tiny Teenager Coochy

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Jayda showed up at the studio to do a glamor shoot but it appears that the cute teen had other things planned. Sneaking a purple toy in with her, she soon showed us just how errant she could be. Peeling her purple undies to the side, she flashed her shaved little honey pot at the photographer.

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Of course he caught the girl flashing her tiny teen honey pot on film. The real surprise came when the teen tramp pulled out a over sized purple toy and started stuffing it deep in her tiny teen honey pot, sliding the toy over her puffy clitoris and then slowly pushing it deep into her wet little cunt.

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It got real hot when she got on her knees and poked her firm teen booty in the air. The purple toy still sliding in and out of her wet honey pot, she showed us jut how deep she likes to be fucked. When she rolled back over and pulled the toy slowly out, you could see the cum dripping from her little teen cunt. Lucky for us, there are plenty of closeups of her little honey pot.

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I put a few of the vid captures here but to see the entire DVD quality vid, you really should check out the website

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Wanna-be Porno Actor Can’t Keep It Up

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Lick My Teen PussyTeen Cunt Lickers
When Jayda Garcia and Thena Sky agreed to do a hardcore MFF three-some with Mike, I was looking forward to getting some pretty good hard-core fucking footage but it wasn’t meant to be.

The girls arrived at the home early and were playing around with each other when Mike arrived so all Mike had to do was jump in and fuck the little whores. We moved out to the tipi in my back yard and the horny girls quickly had Mike stripped down to nothing and went right to work taking turns sucking on his boner. It took a while for him to get an boner but after some expert boner-sucking on Thens’s part, he finally had what one could call a hard-on. I then asked him to get behind Jayda (that’s Jayda’s round booty poking up at you) and to fuck her from behind. In the 10 seconds it took him to move, he lost his fucking hard-on…… and never got it back! Now I don’t mean to be harsh – but what kind of man can’t get a fucking cock for two hot teenagers?

Suppressing my urge to throw the limp-pecker bastard out on his booty and fuck the two horny teenagers myself, I handed him a camera and made the wanna-be smut actor video the already horny teen sluts fuck each other.

Now common guys, how many of you think you could keep it up for these two sexy teen sluts?

See the clip – only at

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Cunt Luvin Carpet-munchers

misbehaving Little Hannah stopped by with her girlfriend Angelina and the two were commenting that they had known each other forever but had never fucked each other so I decided to give the two sweet hearts a chance do do a little lesbo cunt eating on camera. Grabbing a vid camera and a few vibrating dildos, we headed to the bedroom, let the babes pick their dildos from my sex sextoy collection and told them to have fun – and have fun they did! To tell the truth, I had always wanted to see Angelina’s sweet shave swollen-cooch and her oversized apple booty on camera and my wish was suddenly coming true. I posted a few snatch photograph here but to see misbehaving Little Hannah totally abuse her teenager friend’s snatch, you should check out the members area at Glass Mannequin.  Do it today and I’ll throw in a free pass to Real Colorado babes so you can see more of these perverted teens making lesbo sex look like an evertday sport.

NaughtyLittleHannah Gives Angelina Some Girl-on-Girl Cunt-Luvin lesbian teen boty pufp gnd gfm hym lcm 1tm brunette teen shaved dildo

misbehaving Little Hannah Gives Angelina Some teenager-on-teenager Cunt-Luvin

Now remember, I wasn’t the one who picked out the dildos for these sluts but I wasn’t surprised to see then both pick out tiny little vibrating dildos – they said they liked the way the little dildos vibrated in their twats and on their fat little clits. misbehaving Little Hannah started right in on Angelina and within a few minutes Angelina was quivering at the edge of orgasm. But being the tease that Hannah is, she made her teenager wait a bit longer – having her get on her hands and knees and putting her round white booty in the air for us all to see. All the time rubbing the little vibrating toy on her clitoris untill she reached her climax.

Angelina's Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Angelina’s Round White Booty Was Made For Luvin

Hannah then pulled out this oversized sized double-ended toy and started getting it a little wet before she stuffed the thing deep in Angelina’s tight little coochy – at least her snatch was tight before that monstrous toy violated her warm wet paradise. But Little Hannah knew what she wanted to so soon the babes were scissoring on the bed with a monstrous rubber double-ended toy fucking them both.  The vid in the member’s area at Glass Mannequin shows  exactly how much of this oversized toy that these babes can make disappear – check it out!

Naughty Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

misbehaving Little Hannah Lubes The Cunt Crusher

Of course, filling a cunt isn’t all there is to proper cunt luvin – taking care of a teenager;’s clitoris is just as important and misbehaving Little Hannah knew this well. As soon as she stuffed the toy in her friends cunt, she went right to work on her clitoris – and at last, Angelina cried out in ecstasy as intense waves of pleasure rolled over her firm teen body. There was no faking her orgasm – it was real and it was intense.  See both babes cream in the members area.

Now That's What I call Taking Care Of Your Girl

Now That’s What I call Taking Care Of Your teenager

Of course – you don’t have to trust me – you can see Angelina and Hannah for your selves – just sign up today and I’ll throw in full access to my other two exclusive amateur sitesReal Colorado babes and Bring Me Your Sister – all for no extra fee  – see you there.

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