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My Sister Has A Superlative Round Booty

Dude, I never had a clue that my sister had such a superb round booty but after the little hussy pawned my tools, I pimped her booty out and even filmed my own sister fucking some old bastard – the fucker even paid me to fuck my sister! It all started when my sister pawned my tile tools – I need then for a job and the cunt didn’t have the coin to get them out. I had read in the paper a few weeks back that there was a company in town called Bring Me Your Sister that lets guys settle their debits with their sisters by trading an amateur smut clip of the guy’s sister for a few dough coin. They even let the brother shoot his sister fucking. I immediately called the guy at the amateur smut site and he said “Bring Me Your Sister” and he would fuck the hell out of her and pay me the dough that I needed to get my tools out of pawn. An hour later I was holding a camera just inches from my little sister’s superb round booty as an old man hammered her sweet little pussy with his fat old pecker. If you yearn for to see the smut clip I made of my sister fucking – then check it out on Bring Me Your Sister now.

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My Sister – Gracelynn Moans

See my sister getting fucked – only on

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Candice Comer – The Chick Next Door Likes It In The Booty

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Candice’s daddy is a banker and this coed cum dumpster does porno for fun! Anistaija introduced me to Candice but I never really got a chance to talk to her until one morning after hanging out at the clubs, I ran into her at the local breakfast joint. I was munching with Thena when Candice walked in – two hours later, Candice was munching Thena’s sweet coed cunt as Russ and I filmed the two lesbians in what would be the first of many nude, carpet-muncher porno movies I would make of this Colorado Amateur porno actress. Did I tell you she has a terrific booty? Check out to see Candice in hot explicit anal action.

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My Sister Hates Cum

I know it sounds sick, but last I had the pleasure to watch my sister get covered in semen and the silly cunt pretended like it was the end of the world – did I mention hat my sister hates semen? It all started when my little sister was riding my fucking sex sextoy and broke it. Now this isn’t just any sex sextoy, it’s a Sybian and those fuckers cost a few cash. Anyway, my little sister fucked mine up and so I wanted a little retaliation – and what better retaliation than to pimp your own sister out to an old man?Now this isn’t the first time my sister has fucked me over so she knew exactly what was about to happen when I showed up at the Bring Me Your Sister flat.

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My Little Sister

It didn’t take long for me to agree on a price for my sister’s pussy – basically, if the old man would pay me back for my sister’s transgressions, I’d let him fuck my little sister silly. The old man forked out the dough and then proceeded to fuck my little sister’s shaved little cunt like he had never fucked my sister before. Pulling her pant off, he then pulled my sister’s underwear down past her monstrous booty to her ankles and then folded her in half and hooked her wet pink underwear behind her blowjob so she couldn’t even get away. He then stuffed his fat old boner deep into my sister’s tight little shaved cunt.  All the wile I was right there filming my sister get abused by the old man from Bring Me Your Sister.

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Bending My Sister In Half And Fucking Her

And I truly believe that my little sister is a fucking hussy – that’s why I was so surprised to see her flinch when the old man blew a oversized load of semen all over my sister’s perky little knockers. Of course, if you lust after to see how much my sister hates semen on her knockers, you have to check out the full movie on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Butterfly Haze Lets Her Brother Film Her Fucking

Butterfly haze had pissed her brother off by fucking his wife – now he wanted a little revenge. Not so much because his sister fucked his wife, but because his wife let him for his sister. Not that’s just wrong. Being the loving brother that he was, he figured that it was only right that his sister get fucked in return and when he say the add that the pervert that runs Bring Me Your Sister runs in the local paper, he knew exactly how he was going to fuck his sister over for fucking his wife. He would pimp her out in her very first porno scene. These are a few images of Butterfly Haze from her very first explicit porno scene – enjoy.

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Eighteen year old Butterfly Haze is pimped by her brother

This athletic teen wasn’t used to over sized penises and it hurt her more than a little when the older man stuffed his throbbing cock in her tight teen muffin. Her brother obviously enjoyed seeing his eighteen year old sister getting fucked in her first porno scene because he asked for a copy of the sister porno scene when he finished – sick fucker!

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Tattooed teen Butterfly Haze does her first porno video

This cute tattooed and pierced teen cunt was a little shy around her brother at first but she was soon covered in spunk so fucking in front of him couldn’t have been all that bad. In fact, she liked it enough to come back and do more porno for the old bastard so bookmark this site and we’ll keep posting misbehaving images of this sexy teenager-next-door.

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Butterfly haze covered in cum

If you yearn for to see the entire scene that Butterfly’s brother made of her fucking, then visit Bring Me Your Sister, get out the lube, put the tarp on the ceiling and the goggles on the cat and get ready for some serious wanking :-)

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Caugth In The Office Two

Yesterday I showed you the first 4 films of the perverted little Butterfly giving sexual favors at work and I promised to show you the rest of the amateur smut shoot films so here that are:

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Butterfly’s little cunt was so fucking tight that I had a hard time getting all of my massive hard erection in it but I managed. As I fucked her, her hot little cunt massaged my erection like a warm wet dream. It was real fuckin hard not to sperm in the first few strokes but I managed to hold back long enough for her to enjoy it a little. I hope the little cunt misbehaves again soon cuz I really want to tap her little cunt again – soon…..

I put the full-length shoot on my main website at

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So now you know what I do to teenager sluts that misbehave at work. Nice thing is I shoot all the perverted little sluts and put the homemade sex videos on the internet for each of you to enjoy. Because of the bandwidth expenses, I can’t make them all free but I do have a few free smut scenes for you and I have all the good stuff on my Real Colorado Girls site so be sure to check it out!

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Blaze Burnz And Her Camel Toe

Blaze has done a number of smut sets for Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me Your Sister and she also does webcams for us n a regular basis. Blaze always managed to show us the best camel toes regardless of the occasion and in this set, Blaze not only had a sexy smile, she also managed to slide her undies up her fat teen honey pot to make the great camel toe for those of us that love to see vagina lips bulging on either side of a cute pair of undies.

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Blaze Burnz Shows Her Fans Her Camel Toe

Of course, no fan of this tattooed young mom would be complete without the sexy dark haired flashing her booty at least once for the camera. I know, you’re all wishing she would pull her undies aside and show you her clean shaved fat beaver and her itty bitty landing strip but that would be too simple for a tease like Blaze. If you yearn for to see this cute teenage mom fingering herself, eating teen vagina and taking colossal boner like a professional pornstar then you should sign up for Glass Mannequin today.

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Blaze Flashes Her Booty To Her Webcam Fans

Or of course, you can bookmark this page and wait for us to post more sexy photograph of this sexy young smut model for your viewing pleasure. Either way, say hi to Blaze and her fat camel toe ;-)

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Kylee’s Underpants!

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Here is a BRAND NEW PG set of miss Kylee Kross! She’s just as hot as ever…and just as horny…so horny, she got naked and took off her panties, but then realized she had nothing to masturbate with…so she grabbed the briefs and got to it. Always a dirty time with Kylee.

MORE ALT smut pictures HERE

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