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Butterfly Haze Accidental Creampie

I just posted two new galleries me working with the delectable hard-bodied teenager Butterfly Haze. It’s a shoot we did a while back but I re-edited it because we lost the original master copy. Here are a few pics from the free teenager porno galleries for you too enjoy. Click on the pictures to visit the galleries.

The first picture is of me and the tanned hard-bodied Butterfly Haze in the kitchen chatting over chips and soda. It’s from the first of two free galleries, the one where  I get a few minutes to chill with the cute brunette before tasting her pussy for the first time.

Talking Her Into Fucking butterflyhaze xxxp oldny teen tattooed athletic plts pierced hcm amateur teen gnd

Talking Her Into Fucking

This is where the real fun first started…  Notice the sexy butterfly tattoos on her side – this teenager is in love with butterflies. This picture is from the 2?nd gallery – the one where you can watch my cream dripping out of her sweet little teenager pussy.

Getting Ready For The Fun

Another picture from the first free gallery. This one is is where I get to taste Butterfly’s sweet teenager pussy for the first time. Peeling her underwear to the side, I indulge myself in the sweetness of her depths.

Eating Butterfly Haze For Breakfast

And the last picture is the one you’ve been waiting for – the one of cream dripping out of the hard-bodied teenager‘s tiny cunt. I figured I dumped most of my load in the creampie but still managed to spatter Butterfly’s booty cheeks with a decent amount of cream and the majority dripped from her cunt.

Oops, I Came In Her pussy ;)

Enjoy the free galleries or join Glass Mannequin to download the full film.

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Maxy Booty Gets Nasty With The Neighbor

Maxi Booty needed a break from the boredom so she stopped by the neighbor’s place for a quickie in the shade. Not that she minds fucking younger guys but they are always so inexperienced – they never got her off like the old guy that lived next door…. so when Maxi needs some errant sex she always heads to the neighbors.

Nasty Teen Fucks The Neighbor maxibooty xxxp oldny outdoor gnd tattooed plts booty hcm sbj

Nasty coed Fucks The Neighbor

Speaking of fellatio – this cute babe-next-door loves giving fellatio as much as she likes receiving it so after the old man got her off orally, she returned the favor by sucking the old man’s fat cock.

Sucking The Neighbor's Cock

Sucking The Neighbor’s Cock

But she wanted more than to suck the old man’s cock – she wanted his fat cock burred deep in her swollen little coed cunt. She wanted to cream while fucking and this old man gets her off every time – even when the younger men in her life couldn’t.

Maxi Booty Fucks The Neighbor

Maxi Booty Fucks The Neighbor

See more of Maxi on Real Colorado Girls – including her first hardcore clips.

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It’s All My Brother’s Fault

I know it sounds like a cop-out but it’s all my brother’s fault that I got started in smut. The little pussy burnt his foot on my hair straightener and ran like a little teen to the doctor – costing him $300 in dollars that if her were a real man, he would never have had to pay. Anyway, my brother was all booty-hurt so he took me to this old man’s house – once there, the dirty old man said he could help me pay my brother back – all I had to do was fuck him while my brother filed it. And my naughty brother was just sitting there grinning. I knew that my brother was longing for a few pictures of me disrobed but using the excuse of getting his coin back to persuade me to do smut was real low. But WTF – I’ve always wanted to make a smut shoot it’s just that I never imagined that my brother would be there filing his little sister fucking. So there I was on the old man’s couch, my dark haired hair in the old bastard’s face, my mammoth natural cans pointed in the air, my wet little pussy filled with an old man’s fat schlong and my naughty brother just feet away with a shoot camera filming his sister getting fucked on-camera for the first time. It kinda turned me on :-) .

Sabina Sweet

Sabina Sweet

But to tell the truth, I loved having the old man’s schlong fill my petite little pussy – almost to the bursting point. I even got used to my brother being there – and I know he love it. As soon as we got abode he was surfing the members area of Bring Me Your Sister, downloading my shoot and dozens of other sister-smut videos. Sick fucker.

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Gracelynn Moans First Orgy

OK – It was Richard Nailder’s 50th birthday and some of the Glass Mannequin coeds wanted to throw him a little party. Gracelynn Moans and her friends Indica Young and Maxi Booty got a key from Richard’s roommate and surprised him when he got residence. Gracelynn was still a little curious what it would be like to fuck both her girlfriends and Richard at the same time but just the thought of having her muffy licked as she gets fucked always made this sexy bi-sexual coed’s little shaved cunt all wet.

gracelynnmoans gnd bgg nnts sbj indicayoung maxibooty oldny forgasm teen amateur gnd xxxp

Gracelynn Waits For The "dick" To Arrive

But first Gracelynn would have to suck an old man’s dick! Lucky for her, she had help from her girlfriend, a very qualified cocksucker, Indica Young as her other girlfriend Maxi Booty filmed the two blonde teenager sluts sucking the old man’s fat dick. Starting by running their tongues over the bj of the old guy’s boner, the coeds then took turn seeing which one could get the most dick into their mouths – and the old man just sat back and enjoyed the ideal blow job the teenage coeds were  giving him.

Gracelynn and Indica Young sucking cock

Grace Lynn And Indica Young Sucking Cock

Of course, the sexy amateur porn model wanted Richard’s 50-year-old fat dick in her wet little muffy but she also wanted to taste the sweetness of her girlfriend’s shaved teenager muffy – Maxi would also get her chance ;-) but for now she was content to shoot the orgy unfolding in front of her.  Gracelynn was ecstatic – not only was she devouring her girlfriend’s wet muffy, she was getting her own teenager cunt filled with dick as the small young mom Indica Young ran her warm tongue over Gracelynn’s swollen clit.

Gracelynn's First Orgy

Gracelynn’s First Amateur Orgy

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Angel Cakes Tastes Beaver For The First Time

Watching coeds devour coochy really turns me on and watching a teenager devour coochy for the first time is the ultimate turn-on for me. Lucky for us, the perverts at Glass Mannequin captured the first-ever porno video of the hard-bodied booty-coed Angel Caked eating the cunt of a girlfriend. In fact, according to Angel, this is the first time she’s ever even been close to eating a coochy – but it would be hard to tell from this amateur three-some video.

Angel Cakes Licks Her First Cunt angelcakes gracelynnmoans booty lcm bgg oldny richardnailder plts xxxp rcg lnpls

Angel Cakes Licks Her First Cunt

Angel Cakes is a super innocent looking hard-bodied coed with exceptional pointy breasts and a letter-perfect round booty – watching her run her tongue over the fat clitoris of her tattooed blonde girlfriend as she takes a fat schlong in her own shaved cunt is almost too much – well, almost – lol. Of course,, seeing her nervousness as the more experienced bi-sexual teenager, Gracelynn Moans began eating her shaved coochy was hot too – in fact, hot enough that I wanted to see more of these two naughty teens – and no one has more video of these two honies than the guys at Glass Mannequin so check them out today.

Gracelynn Moans Eating Angel's Pussy

Gracelynn Moans munching Angel’s Pussy

Oh for the love of pointy breasts, lesbo eating pussy and old men fucking coeds – everything one needs to get off – and it’s all available on Glass Mannequin

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