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Mexican Girl Cuntmunchers

Making a sex film with teens like Honey Dew and Faith Vega is always fun – just grab a camera, throw the teens in a bedroom and try to keep the camera pointed at someone’s cunt… sounds simple, right? Well that’s exactly what the guys at Real Colorado Girls did when Honey and Faith asked if they could make a film together.  As you can see in this first sex film film, Faith is the shy one and Honey is the one that can’t wait to get to her girlfriend’s “sweet spot”.  Peeling her undies back, the auburn-haired Honey gets her first taste of her girlfriend’s shaved teen pussy.

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In the second homemade film film, Honey has her Mexican Girl Booty in the air giving us all a undamaged view of her swollen teen pussy as she chows down on her girlfriend’s pussy. The full film can be found Real Colorado Girls.

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The third film of this homemade cunt-muncher sex film shows Honey fingering Faith’s pussy as she sucks on Faith’s hard little nipples. Faith arches her back to get more finger-action as Honey finds the sweet-spot. View the free trailer or join to download.

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I don’t know what turns me on more in this film – the sexy freckles on Honey’s face or Faith’s marvelous Mexican Girl pussy being licked by her petite freckled girlfriend…..  homemade content exclusive to Real Colorado Girls.

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Finally we get to see the shy girlfriend try her tongue at carpet munching….   and seeing Honey’s marvelous natural breasts, with their little hard nipples poking out is a bonus.

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And in the final film of this Real Colorado Girls homemade film you can watch the teens kissing as Faoth reaches down and gets one last poke at her girlfriends swollen teen pussy.

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Real homemade sex films of local teenage teens – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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The Sex Isn’t Done Until Everyone Cums

There’s nothing like fucking a hard-bodied teen that knows how to fuck and Maxi Booty is one of those perverted cock-sucking jizz-loving coeds. Maxi and I hadn’t had sex for a while so we were both looking forward to a romp but I don’t think either of us could have known that the sex would be so good. Maxi showed up in a super-short pair of shorts and sexy red underpants – and like a good little tramp, she let the old man finger her wet little cunt – but it didn’t stop there……..

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Maxi Booty Gets Her Cunt Fingered

Maxi loves cock and she’s one of those girls that climaxes the hardest when her itty bitty little muffin is stuffed to the brim with a thick cock – and she doesn’t give a shit that the cock is as old as her grandfathers – so long as it’s hard and thick, she’ll fuck it till she comes. Se especially likes it rough so grab her firm teen boobies, rub her clitoris hard and slam your throbbing cock balls-deep in her immaculate teen cunt – or download the movie on Real Colorado Girls

One Orgasm Isn't Enough

One Orgasm Isn’t Enough

But be prepared – after she sucks the last drops of jizz from your pulsating shaft, this teen nympho is likely to mount you again and ride you cowgirl style till she cums again – fingering her clitoris helps her along so be a trooper and give her a hand – then wank to the full movie on Real Colorado Girls.

Maxi Booty Climaxing For The 2nd Time

Maxi Booty Climaxing For The 2nd Time

We shot this amateur movie for Real Colorado Girls and it’s become one of the favorites of our members.

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